Build easily self - discipline with 04 ways

We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. But how often do we find ourselves held back by an unseen force? Exactly, we have a lack of self - discipline. Therefore, our plan has a difficulty in implementing. 

How to build self - discipline? 4 ways to help us easily build self - discipline in the following blog. 
1.Overview the word “Self - discipline” 

Definition of self - discipline is understood in different ways. Self-discipline is the ability to control our impulses and actions in order to achieve our goals. It's about managing your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to prioritize what's important in the long run, even when faced with temptation or immediate gratification.
With self - discipline, we need to set a goal, achieve a goal, avoid distraction, manage time effectively, and develop perseverance.

2. Five ways to build self - discipline

2.1. Learning to say “NO” 

In a book “ The art of laziness”, the author points out a core sentence that “If you want to take better control of your life and time, then you must learn to say no when you want to say no.” 

We need to learn way to say no with a thing that we do not like - Souce: Internet


We often tend to say yes to the request of the other and forget our promise to ourselves. And, we miss something to do in our plan. The reason makes a failure plan because we always make all of heart to the other’s work, all of mind to them and we have out of energy work for us. I know some cases, although we want to say no, no and no, we take over work that is not the scope of our work. 

Sometime, we forget our plan to get the recognization of the other - Source: Internet

How to say “NO” with satisfaction? 

  • Prior to our plan. Only significant implementation creates a successful result for us. 
  • Know time to support the other in order to arrange our plan and say “NO” strongly with the non  - significant work. 
  • Teach ourselves that “Don’t be shy to say no”. You have a right to say no whether you don’t like it, you have a right to say yes with the favorite work. 

2.2. Creating a challenge zone 

We should exit the comfort zone and make a milestone within the challenge zone. A challenge zone practices effectively on building self - discipline, it creates structured environment, focus and motivation, accountability and support. 

Choosing a challenge zone makes us develop self - discipline - Source: Internet
When we are in a deep challenge zone, we want to discover a new thing, an amazing thing and conquer it. Even if, difficulty in this zone, we are happy about it. Ourselves are matured every single day, especially self - discipline is improved a lot. 

2.3. The importance of second in a moment 

When we are really grateful for each second in a moment, self - discipline is not a barrier for ourselves. I am interested in citing in the book “ The art of laziness”: Each day is important. Each hour is important. Each moment is important. 
Every second goes through, we seem to miss something. We know the details that we need to do, and need for how. That's an effective moment, effective time and effective self - discipline. We often say “ Yeah, we have plenty of time. Stop to do and enjoy, regenerate energy after facing it.” However, the mindset is a fault. If we maintain a mindset, procrastination replaces self - discipline. Moreover, we are never successful if we have procrastination in our mind. 

Arrange the effective time in order to be self - disciplined - Source: Internet
It’s the importance of the second moment in our life. 

2.4. Flexible for plan 

Self - discipline not only understands as we focus on step by step in plan. We need a backup plan in order to be flexible if we have a sudden case. A Backup plan is created that seems to be the original plan to change the situation, we finish work and do not make bad results, effectively self - discipline. 

We always prepare plan B not to miss out information and lose the self - disciplined - Source: Internet

3. The advantage of self - discipline 

3.1. Goal Achievement Powerhouse

Self-discipline is the fuel that propels you towards your goals. It allows you to stay focused, resist distractions, and persevere through challenges. Whether it's mastering a new skill, finishing a project, or achieving a fitness goal, self-discipline is the engine that drives you forward.

3.2.Sharpens Your Focus

In a world filled with distractions, self-discipline equips you with the laser focus needed to stay on task. You'll be better able to prioritize, avoid procrastination, and complete tasks efficiently.

3.3.Boosts Productivity

When you can control your impulses and manage your time effectively, you become a productivity machine. Self-discipline helps you get more done in less time, freeing you up for the things you truly enjoy.


In order to build self - discipline, we need to learn to say no, create a challenge zone to promote motivation, precious time and have a backup plan. 


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