How to be "love yourself" like Song Jia?

In today's modern world, "self-love" has become a powerful mantra, especially for women. This concept was beautifully captured by Song Ji-a in the Korean reality show "Single's Inferno": "Love yourself. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself. And always make time for self-care."

But what exactly is self-love? And how do we practice it effectively?

1. What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?

There are many definitions of self-love, such as investing in your appearance, always prioritizing what you like, or spending money on yourself. In fact, the definitions of self-love that some young people propose are not wrong; however, they are not entirely accurate.

In every individual's perspective on life, the degree of self-love varies. However, the accurate definition of self-love depends on three factors: investing in appearance, intellect, and emotional well-being. Once you truly understand and invest in these three aspects, you can be sure you are loving yourself the right way.

Love yourself is investing to develop 03 factors in relation to mindset, appearance and emotion

As Song Jia's quote says, loving yourself means not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Always take the time to care for yourself in the best possible way. Because when we don't know what we are lacking or what we need to invest in, it is very easy to love ourselves in the wrong way.

2.How to Love Yourself the Right Way?

2.1.Eliminate Negative Relationships

You can identify a negative relationship through your emotional energy when interacting with the other person. If you feel tired, stressed, or uncomfortable, especially if the other person frequently brings up negative words or ideas that drain your energy, then it's time to leave that negative relationship.


Far from a negative relationship - Source: Internet

2.2.Know Your Self-Worth

Recognizing your self-worth, understanding where you are, what you need, and what you are capable of is the way to love yourself correctly. When you achieve this, you won't be affected by external pressures, and you will feel more at ease with your own life. You will no longer compare yourself to any ideal image. You will be yourself, living for your own life, a life that belongs to you and no one else.

2.3.Spend Time on Yourself

Many people today do not truly spend meaningful time on themselves. Most are caught up in the whirl of social relationships. However, it's crucial to make the right choices! Don't spend all your time on relationships you don't really want to engage in, and don't waste your time on unproductive meetings.

Spending your time developing yourself - Source: Internet

Use your time wisely to invest in self-development. Invest in your body, presenting yourself in the best possible way. Invest in your mind, so you won't be left behind and can thrive wherever you are. Additionally, take time to reflect on your emotions, to cultivate calmness and better emotional control.

3.Signs You Are Loving Yourself

3.1.No Longer Affected by Others' Opinions

When you no longer worry about what others think of you, your world is influenced only by your own actions. You will only feel sadness, disappointment, satisfaction, or happiness based on your own impact on yourself, not because of anyone else.

3.2.You Embrace Life's Happenings Gracefully

You no longer worry excessively or constantly blame life for the unfortunate events that occur. You accept everything that comes your way more calmly and positively. For you, the events in your life are seen as natural occurrences or challenges to overcome.

3.3.You Choose Friends Wisely and Use Time Quality

You no longer waste time on conversations that don't suit you. Instead, you know who aligns with your way of talking and thinking. From this, you know people that are suitable for communicating and making a friend.

3.4.You Have Mastered Emotional Control

You maintain an impressively calm attitude in the face of even the most frightening situations. You always find solutions for yourself in seemingly difficult circumstances. You know how to use your emotions appropriately, without recklessly displaying them to those around you or letting them burst out in response to things that upset you.


Self-love is essential for everyone, especially for women. We must know how to care for ourselves and invest in ourselves, as investing in ourselves is investing in our future. Investing in our intellect is investing in our future financial stability, and investing in our emotions is investing in our maturity.

Let's learn to love ourselves in the most positive and appropriate way! And let's live according to our own ways in the world we each create!


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