Terms of Use

By using all or part of the Services (as defined below), the Customer agrees to these Terms of Use and other Policies of the Website.

  1. Services Provided:

"Services" under these Terms include all content, products, or services provided directly or indirectly through the Website https://sttchat.com

Customer in these Terms refers to individual users, whether registered or not, who access, use, or interact with the Website.

The adjustment of the "Terms of Use" (also referred to as "Terms") is proactively carried out by the Website by publicly posting on the Website or notifying the Customer through public communication channels or other contact methods based on the information voluntarily provided by the Customer (phone number, email, social networks, etc.). Customers are responsible for updating themselves on changes to the Terms and are considered to have agreed to all changes by continuing to use the Services.

  1. Intellectual Property:

All content of the Services, including elements displayed, provided, or linked to the Website, is our intellectual property, including content, images, articles, and data. Customers using the Services commit to complying with legal regulations on copyright, related rights, intellectual property rights, and industrial property rights. Additionally, they must not copy, transmit, commercialize, use, or modify the content of the Services/Website in any form if:

  • They do not have our approval;
  • It interferes with the normal operation of the Website;
  • It violates our legitimate rights and interests.

To the best of its ability, the Website always strives to provide Customers with the most accurate information about the Services. However, Customers acknowledge and agree that the information posted on the Website is relative and the Website does not guarantee the absolute accuracy or completeness of any information on the Website. Information on the Website is regularly and periodically updated and may change without prior notice. Therefore, the use of information from the Website is entirely at the Customer's own risk.

The Website is not responsible for content posted by Customers or content linked to the Website, including but not limited to advertisements, product or service introductions by advertisers, sponsors, or other partners. In any case, the Website is not liable for consequences arising from the Customer's use of the Services in violation of these Terms, including any losses, damages, or disadvantages (if any).

3.General Commitments

Customers are responsible for all their actions in using the Services. Violations of the law, these Terms of Use, and other Policies by Customers may result in the termination of Services and do not exclude other arising legal obligations (if any). The Website does not accept the following actions from Customers:

  • Violations of law, social ethics, information safety/security;
  • Negatively impacting or threatening to negatively impact the legitimate rights and interests of the Website, Partners, or other organizations/individuals;
  • Seizing accounts, passwords, or collecting data illegally;
  • Posting or transmitting content that is not in line with the Website’s Policies;
  • Using software, tools, or computer programs to interfere with the normal functioning of the Website (including malicious content, spyware, viruses, or other dangerous computer programs);
  • Reverse-engineering, data extraction (crawl/spider), or copying, affecting all or part of the source code of the Website;
  • Using the Services for investment, business, or commercial purposes without the Company's written consent.
The Website reserves the right to modify or delete any content or Services under the Website's management, provided by the Website or by users, if there is specific evidence or reasonable suspicion that the Customer is violating these Terms or in other necessary cases.