What pressures are the generations facing?

26/01/2024 10:12 , tác giả: Kiều Oanh

The remarkable advancement in science and technology, coupled with rapid changes in the financial landscape, has led to the emergence of increasingly invisible pressures. Especially, the succeeding generations are more driven to pursue their own definition of success, both individually and within society. So, what are the pressures that generations are facing today?

1.The pressure to achieve success early

Success is something everyone desires in today's society, but achieving it early poses a significant pressure. Unlike in the past, perhaps about 10 years ago, where our elders pursued steady steps towards sustainable success, nowadays it seems to be the opposite. Scrolling through social media sometimes creates pressure for many young people to achieve success quickly, not because they are setting a trend of early success, but because we ourselves inadvertently create an inner insecurity about our own lack of achieved success when compared to younger individuals or peers of the same age group.

2. The pressure of peer comparison

This is undoubtedly a domino effect when you feel that all your friends around you have achieved a certain level of success while you still have nothing substantial in your hands. If viewed positively, you will realize that you have your own value in a certain field. On the contrary, if you feel intimidated by the accomplishments of your peers, then fear, insecurity, and internal pressure gradually arise within you.

Peer pressure is the biggest scared of young people - Source: Internet

3. The pressure of work-related stress

Certainly, this pressure is not unique to the younger generation but has been prevalent across many previous generations. However, one thing that you can observe is that the ability of young people to handle stress is not as strong as that of previous generations. The reason cited is the societal advancements, providing young people with more choices, including the option to rest, choose their careers, and allocate time for self-healing.

According to numerous surveys on social media platforms, young people find it challenging to cope with excessive demands without sufficient time for relaxation. They aspire to find a job that offers long-term stability but also seek a balance, often referred to as "work-life balance".

4.The pressure amidst waves of layoff

This is a fear shared by many office workers today, especially those in their 30s and beyond. Invisibly, there is a prevailing fear about job security. With fewer options available, the desire for career advancement and stability becomes more pronounced. Naturally, a decision to lay off employees would be a significant setback for those who are striving for independence and happiness in their career journey. 

Layoff wave is also a huge scared with previou generation - Source: Internet 

5. The pressure of communication

Communication poses a significant pressure for the younger generation today. Many young individuals seek environments where they can pursue their passions, be themselves, and often prefer minimal interaction with others. Consequently, many young people feel pressured when they have to engage in communication with a large number of people, ranging from the workplace environment to social life today.

6. How to empower oneself to reject pressure?

To avoid facing pressures, firstly, you must grant yourself two rights: the right to relinquish and the right to embrace. It may sound contradictory at first, but this approach helps you confront and resolve pressure much more easily.

6.1. The right to relinquish pressure

You have the right to relinquish pressure that does not bring positive outcomes to your life. For example, you can relinquish the pressure of marriage if you believe that getting married would not significantly impact your life because, to you, marriage is a choice. If it doesn't bring happiness or create future value for you, you have the right to let it go. However, it's essential to use the right to relinquish pressure judiciously and at the right time because if you relinquish all pressures, it may be challenging to achieve success in the future.

6.2. The right to choose pressure

It may sound completely contradictory to the previous viewpoint, but in reality, knowing how to choose pressure is the foundation for building a roadmap and long-term success. Pressure that helps you grow and create value can be considered worthwhile. However, on the contrary, if pressure breeds negative self-doubt, then it's merely a challenge rather than pressure.


Each individual, each generation faces different pressures, but ultimately, everyone has their own way of dealing with the pressures they encounter. Therefore, success and financial freedom depend not only on the pressures themselves but also on one's ability to confront them, find solutions, and overcome the pressures at hand.