Welcome to Songkran festival 2024 in Thailand!

In Thailand, prepare to get soaked in the joyous spirit of Songkran, their energetic New Year celebration! This isn't your average New Year's Eve countdown; Songkran is a three-day extravaganza (April 13th-15th) filled with water fights, vibrant parades, and a deep sense of renewal.

1. The origin of Songkran festival in Thailand 

Songkran's origins are a fascinating blend of influences! The word itself comes from Sanskrit, meaning "astrological passage" or "transformation." This reflects the festival's roots in ancient Indian solar calendars, marking the shift of the sun into a new zodiac sign.
There's also a belief that Songkran stems from a Hindu spring festival celebrating the new harvest. Over time, it merged with Thai traditions, incorporating elements of purification and respect for elders. So, Songkran became a time to wash away bad luck, honor ancestors, and welcome a fresh start. 

2. When did the Songkran festival 2024 in Thailand hold? 

Traditionally, Songkran festival falls on April 13th-15th each year. This coincides with the Thai solar calendar and the astrological movement of the sun. In 2024 specifically, there's an exception. The Thai government extended the festivities to a much longer period, from April 1st to April 21st. This aims to boost tourism and allow people more time to travel and celebrate for more than 20 days with a big festival in Thailand.

This year,Songkran festival 2024 starts from April 1st to April 21st - Source: Internet

3. Where will the Songkran festival in Thailand happen?

This year, Songkran Festival 2024 will be held with four places in Thailand that you have a variety of choices. 

3.1. Songkran festival in Bangkok 

The capital city transforms into a massive water fight zone, with major celebrations happening on Silom Road, Khaosan Road, and along the Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem canal.

3.2. Songkran festival in Chiang Mai 

Known for its more traditional take on Songkran, Chiang Mai features elaborate temple ceremonies, intricate sandcastle building, and a strong emphasis on merit-making through releasing caged birds and fish.

3.3. Songkran festival in Pattaya 

This beach resort town offers a unique blend of traditional water fights and wild pool parties, catering to a younger crowd. Beside, you also explore blue sea, coconut tree and discover a different thing in relation to dishes in local place.

3.4. Songkran festival in Phuket 

Thailand's largest island joins in the fun with energetic water battles, colorful processions, and beachside festivities. With amazing weather, beutiful beach, joing Songkran festival in Thailand 2024 in Phuket that will makes you wonderful experience.

4. What should we prepare for the Songkran festival 2024? 

4.1. Water 

Yup, we can not lack this essential tool in Songkran festival Thailand. You completely prepare a water gun or water bucket that may be small or big depending on you. This helps you participate in water fight on with each other during the Songkran festival.

4.2. Clothing 

During the Songkran festival, everyone is enjoying the peace of time, wearing various clothes with many colors that bring a real vibe when you are in Thailand. You should prepare and wear an overwhelming pattern to join the biggest festival in Thailand every year. 

4.3. Fun group of friends 

Participating in the Songkran festival in Thailand is why you don’t have a massive group of friends. I am sure that if you join the Songkran festival with your friend, your joy will double.Otherwisem, your every moments will be saved that you are memorable.

Participating in Songkran festival 2024 with your friends, with vistors all over the world - Source: Internet 

However, how will you be if you only participate in the Songkran festival alone? Don’t worry cause’ Songkran festival atmosphere makes you forget all your sorrow when you join this without friends. Songkran festival is not only a huge Thailand event but also a large number of visitors all over the world are looking forward to coming to Thailand in April. Therefore, you never feel alone or be sad if you join the festival on your own. 


Try to join the Songkran festival so that you have never been disappointed about your tríp to Thailand for April. Hope you have a nice trip and have a wonderful experience in Songkran festival 2024!


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